Wi-FI Supported on Cubox and Udoo? / How NAS Handled?

Does Volumio provide direct support for configuring and implementing Wi-Fi on Cubox and Udoo through the system’s top-level user interface? If not, how is Wi-Fi- configured and and handled through Volumio?

How does the system provide for NAS connection and maintenance (system level or top-level user interface)?

( I am not a Unix or Linux programmer.)

Thank you,
Allen C. /

You can have both.
NAS and Wi-Fi configuration are handled by the webui, so it should be straight and painless to get wi-fi and NAS working as you want. Since there are lot of variables involved, at this stage of beta, you may beed some system-level tinkering to get it working.
But from the feedbacks I’m receiving it seems that 90% of the people are able to configure it with the Webui.