Why is 32 bit displayed?

Hi. I have Rasspbery Pi 2B with Just Boom Digi Hat hardware overlay. The signal to the external DAC comes out via spdif. In addition, as a system, I have Volumio Premium in the latest version and a Tidal Hi Fi subscription. Control is done using the Volumio app on your Android phone. When in Volumio I set the sound quality to “Highest possible” in the Tidal sound parameters and turn off MQA, then when playing discs with the letter “M” I see 44.1Khz 32 bit (sic!) in the parameters of the track being played. If I change the sound settings from “Highest possible” to “Hi-res” then it is 44.1Khz 16 bit.
Why is it 32 bit when Tidal doesn’t stream music in 32 bit?
I will add that I don’t have any active dsp plugins etc.
Is this some kind of Volumio system bug? I will be grateful for your help. Link to the picture showing the state of affairs: https://naforum.zapodaj.net/images/1890e4ce21e9.jpg

Nobody has an idea why this is happening?