White Screen Of Death (& Self Intro)

Hi Volumio peeps, I’m HyL. I’m using Volumio on a Raspberry Pi, have been for a couple of years. I’m no programmer techie, but I’m learning. The earlier versions of Volumio were kind of unstable with me having to reflash Volumio frequently, but the last several months have been great! So thanks for all those people’s good work.

I’m having a new problem as of this morning. I’ve got white screen of death on both my smartphone app, and my laptop browser interface. My Pi is running, [I’m listening to BBC through it], but I can’t interact with the Pi. All I get is a whitescreen. Tried uninstalling & reinstalling the app, to no effect.

thanks in advance,

have you tried to connect to it using its IP adress? It may have changed according to your router