Which DAC including headphone amp?


I want to use my pi for listening music with headphones as well as with a connected amplifier.

Is there a discrete DAC-Headamp for pi or a combination DAC with headamp you recommend.

Thanks a lot in advance.


If you are looking for an USB DAC solution, ZuperDAC is a good one with ESS 9018K2M DAC chip + ESS ES9601 headphone amplifier.

volumio.org/forum/zuperdac-ess90 … t2919.html

indiegogo.com/projects/zuper … 272#/story

Maybe I didn’t make clear that I’m looking for a solution connected via I2S (not USB) to my Pi.

Thanks for your reply anyway.

have you had a look here : https://volumio.org/forum/list-i2s-dacs-for-raspberry-t1103.html
I own that PIDAC+ : http://www.iqaudio.co.uk/

And this very Pi-DAC+ is exactly number one on my whishlist =;-))

I’m just looking for a good dealer here in germany. At the moment the cheapest price is 55.-EUR.

Thanks for your reply.

Do you know yu can order directly from iqaudio ?
42€+6€ shipping

Thanks a lot balbuze.

42€+6€ shipping and anything additional (VAT)?

https://volumio.org/forum/discount-iqaudio-products-t3462.html :wink:

Thanks a lot but even with 6.-EUR for the voucher I pay 51.-EUR including taxes (15.-EUR for delivery).

I’ll order in germany, faster delivery and german seller.

This one as a dedicated amp and headphone amp :


I’ve found the iqaudio dac+ in the pimoroni store.
They even sell a special pibow version to fit the dac. But even they forgot to make an opening in the case for the IR sensor / IR signals…

You could combine the order with other stuff on your list :smiley:

I only found this after i already bought the DAC from IQaudio’s Tindie store, while having a list of wannahaves that pimoroni sells.