Which amplifiers is best?

I want to buy a new amplifier in 200$. Is it any best Amplifier in this range?

You may find you dont need to spend that much. There is a lot of buzz and happy people using Class -D amplifiers with the TPA3116 chip inside. They are available on ebay for around £20. This sounds very cheap but amplifier technology has moved kn and these will match some amplifiers that cost £500 20 years ago or something.
Search Google and ebay for tpa3116 for more info. They really are impressive sound for very little money. Otherwise standard amps around the £200 mark are all much the same, and I doubt any better than the class-d.
Good luck!

Your question is far too vague to get useful answers.

  • Input sources
  • Stereo or surround sound
  • Listening room size
  • Speakers you’ll be using
  • Intended volume levels

All these factors should be considered in your decision making.
A secondhand stereo integrated amp can be a relative bargain if the input options, speaker connection possibilities, and output power suit your use case.

Forgot to add… generally Hypex class-d based amps and diy solutions are very highly regarded and seen by many as being one of the better performing, especially going from measurements. Many big companies like NAD and others are using their boards in their amps, you can buy simple DIY boards for around £150 but have more costlier designs too.