Where should i put webradio .pls files in Volumio2?

Hi all,

Spend some time finding an answer on this forum, but could not find any.

I added .pls files from PC to \Volumio\Internal Storage and with terminal session copied the files to \data\favourits.
Rebooted and looked in UI under internetradio favourits. Alas, nothing there…

Can someone point me to a guide or post which explains where Volumio stores the out-of-the-box radiostatons? (So i can delete them) , and how to add .pls files manually?

Much appreciated,


Ah ok… all manual added radios from GUI go in file /data/favourits/radio-favorits or my-web-radio.
Guess i need to find or make a script to do that.

See https://github.com/volumio/Volumio2/issues/581