Where is the SingleRepeat button?


From the document it shows:

PLAYBACK section

Elapsed time indicator

  • Repeat all the files on playlist
  • Random play on the queue
  • Repeat the single song
  • Consume mode: delete songs once played

But I did not found “repeatSingle” button from the web interface.

Have you removed it? Or I have to do something special to show it?

I am use volumio to play some violin music to my child, and sometime we do need repeat special single song for many many times. So this feature is very useful for me.


From volumio status report from terminal:

volumio status
“status”: “stop”,
“position”: 0,
“title”: “a”,
“artist”: “aa”,
“album”: “aa”,
“albumart”: “/albumart?web=%E6%B1%AA%E5%B3%B0/%E6%80%92%E6%94%BE%E7%9A%84%E7%94%9F%E5%91%BD/extralarge&path=%2FUSB%2F9482-8B25”,
“uri”: “mnt/USB/9482-8B25/aaa.mp3”,
“trackType”: “mp3”,
“seek”: 0,
“duration”: 243,
“samplerate”: “44.1 KHz”,
“bitdepth”: “24 bit”,
“channels”: 2,
“random”: null,
“repeat”: null,
“repeatSingle”: false,
“consume”: false,
“volume”: 35,
“mute”: false,
“stream”: “mp3”,
“updatedb”: false,
“volatile”: false,
“service”: “mpd”

It does have a prameter " “repeatSingle”.

Not answering your question, but a solution of a sort for now. Add the track to the queue. You can then repeatedly restart the track from the beginning by clicking on the track name in the ‘queue’ UI.

Do you mean I do the repeat manually every time :laughing: ?

Perhaps you need to better explain your exact expectations? Try adding your child’s song to a playlist and select repeat. This will endlessly repeat it.

Just repeat any single song in a playlist.