when restarting Volumior I lose file indexing and all config

Good morning, I own Volumio on Raspberry Pi3, dac Schiit audio Bifrost Usb 5 gen, 2 Hard disk 3.5.
Until a week ago, everything is fine, but now when Reboot Volumio loses all the initial configuration, and I have to start again, every time, update and scan, and it takes many hours. Not only do you not read audio files on hard drives, but also internet radios. I have to restart several times. Do you have any suggestions? thank you, Francis

hello, I reset Volumio and then reinstalled, the problem was still the Samsung / Seagate 3.5 3 tb hard disk. With Windows 10 on another pc it works, but on Volumio no, it takes many hours to index the files, and then on restart I lose everything.

I solved it with a small 1 tb self-powered Toshiba Canvio 2.5 hard disk. Volumio works correctly, it has indexed 1 tb of music in less than an hour, and now when it restarts everything works correctly, it does not have to load the files again.

If you can answer me, I have to ask you 2 questions:

  1. if it works correctly, can I leave the HD self-powered? … because I know that the USB outputs of the Raspy are not very powerful to power an external HD.

  2. if in the future I want to buy a larger hard disk, a new 3.5 with its own power supply, how much should it be max? Volumio + Raspy Pi3 + has problems reading, that you know, with 3 or 4 TB hard drives?

amazon.it/WD-Elements-Deskt … 179&sr=8-6

can a hd like this work well with Raspy and Volumio, or are 4 tb too many?

Thanks, I hope you can answer me, Francesco :wink: