What is the best way to delete files (folders of songs)?

Sorry for the beginner question.
What is the best way to delete files (folders of songs)? Without having to close volumio.
I don’t know if it is possible without making it with command from ssh. Only that occurs to me.

Thanks a lot

Volumio is an audio player designed to be run in conjunction with external music sources, which it indexes in it’s library. These sources, whether they be a NAS, usb hard drive, internal storage on SD card etc., should be managed in whatever way is convenient for the user. For example, a NAS will have it’s own software for access, and the internal storage on the SD card can be accessed as a Samba share.

So short answer … however you like, but not from the Volumio UI :slight_smile:

Edit: if you are looking for specific directions/help, then you need to detail how/where your files are stored.

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Thanks for the help, I am not so inexperienced user hahahaha. All that said I know it.

The case is I have found that the best audio quality gives it a micosd memory, and I would like to erase and record tracks while I listen. It is clear from volumio is not possible.

But I wonder if it is possible to install any application that runs at the same time as volumio and to delete from there with ssh. So I understand this is not possible.

Thanks a lot

So use the Samba share provided by Volumio on the SD card (‘Internal Storage’). If you’re using Windows, you can access this from ‘File Explorer.’ If you’re using Linux, mount the share temporarily or permanently in fstab. If you’re using a Mac, then you’ve more idea than me what to do :wink:.

Why install an extra application, just use ssh (or Explorer as stated above)??

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You can try WinSCP ??

thank you very much to all. WINSCP It’s just what I needed, thank you very much BRETTA200.