What FLAC tags to get performer/albumartist in status


It was quite straightforward to get volumio2 onto my RaspberryPi-4, boot and use it with my music collection of mostly classical music (flac files) on an external hard drive (for now). When I ssh into the RPi4, calling volumio status returns some meta data, e.g. artist and title. All fine so far.

As often discussed on this forum and elsewhere, for classical music both composer (artist) and performer (albumartist) matter. ID3v2 and VORBIS comments cater for that. My question now with regards tagging and showing performer and/or albumartist in status is:

What tag do I need to use in my flac files for volumio to pick up a performer, aka albumartist, and what field will this tag be available in the volumio status?

If there is no provision for extracting the performer/albumartist, where an how could I patch volumio to do that?

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Good morning, just as an update. The VORBIS comments in an example music file contains:

01 - Aria.flac:    comment[0]: TITLE=Aria
01 - Aria.flac:    comment[1]: ARTIST=Johann Sebastian Bach
01 - Aria.flac:    comment[2]: ALBUM=Goldberg Variations BWV 988
01 - Aria.flac:    comment[3]: DATE=1982
01 - Aria.flac:    comment[4]: TRACKNUMBER=01
01 - Aria.flac:    comment[5]: GENRE=Classical
01 - Aria.flac:    comment[6]: ALBUMARTIST=Glenn Gould

Yet the status only contains the artist which in this case is the composer (who was an artist and performer):

volumio@volumio:/data/INTERNAL/composers/bach/goldberg$ volumio status
  "title": "Aria",
  "artist": "Johann Sebastian Bach",
  "album": "Goldberg Variations BWV 988",

What can I do to make volumio parse and use the albumartist/performer in flac files?

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Hello, I have been digging around in the deployed Javascript code, I can find some reference to albumartist, mostly in /volumio/app/plugins/music_service/mpd/index.js , but not in the code that does the music discovery or in the state machine; my deduction is that there may not be any support for this concept altogether. This is a bit disappointing as on a whole, Volumio is really quite nice.
@volumio Any plans for information about supporting albumartist, or what could I do to make it work?
Regards, peter