Well, now I must say!

So, I decided to shell out for a new DAC (HiFiBerry DAC2) and decided to upgrade the old original Pi to the new V4 pi. I must commend the developers on a very easy trouble free install from scratch on new hardware. Once I got the pi powered up (grrrr they changed the power input to USB-C and I didn’t have a connector so I replaced the power header on the DAC to fit my stand alone power supply (It’s nice that they are shipping the new dac with a header already soldered on but it didn’t fit my connection, it’s extremely low profile, haven’t had a look at connection options yet but it’s a moot point now, boy was it difficult unsoldering it, that ground plane was sucking a lot of heat) anyway after I had it powered up I configured the rest through the volumio web interface (wireless was a breeze and DAC was automatically recognized), luckily as I didn’t have the new mini HDMI connector either, lol, but turned out I didn’t need it.

One thing that would be nice to have the ability to enable through the web interface, telnet (ssh). It looks like I need to get a mini-hdmi cable and power the pi up so i can access the pi setup to enable.

Performance of the new pi to the old is like chalk and cheese, it’s soooo much faster booting and responsive starting music through Tidal. All in all, no problem with Tidal so far either.

I doth my hat. Congrats to the development staff.

Thank you very much for your feedback! Really glad you like it :wink:

PS: You can enable SSH via web interface, see here: SSH - Volumio Documentation

I concur in the congrats to the development staff!!!

Thanks! You guys made our day :wink:

I found Volumio when it was called RaspyFi and I ran it on a RaspberryPi (Model B+ Revision 1.0 (512MB)), upgrading from time to time.

About three months ago, I upgraded to a RaspberryPi 3 B+ and wow! It is fantastic! It is so responsive. I’m using a PiFi DAC+ v2.0 on it which I believe is a clone of the HiFi Berry DAC Hat and a major leap in sound quality from the old USB DAC I’ve been using all these years.

For Christmas, I built 4 more units for my brother, his wife an his two kids to use in their rooms.

I’ve got two other friends looking to build Volumio media players for their homes.

Happy 2021 Volumio team!