Webui not working (but ssh is)


I have a Pi B running volumio 2.041 and can’t access the webui from either volumio.local or its IP address.

I can access via ssh though, so can anyone suggest how I can debug?

I’ve tried restarting mpd.

Thanks a lot

I’ve got exactly the same problem.
I try to re download the image, md5sum is OK, ssh is fine but nothing listening on port 80.

I did not spent so much time investigating, but it seem something is not started.

When you first boot with a RPI b it takes at least 7min. Do not interrupt your device during this. If you did reflash the SD card… I have it working on a RPI b… And yes SSH can be reached before webUi. But wait and it will be ok.

After a fresh reflash and patience, it works nice.

Yes a reflash plus patience did the trick for me too - thanks!

However I now can’t get any sound out from my Hifiberry DAC.

I guess I’ll search the forums and post a new query under a more appropriate heading if I can’t fix that.

Thanks again

It should work out of the box !
Enable i2s dac, select hifiberry, save reboot and it should be ok…
You have to select “none” or “software” as mixer and save.

Yes, should and has in the past, but not currently!

Any advice on how to debug?

Thanks a lot

Choose jack as output save. Reboot. Select hifierry and save…

Thanks, done. And I have discovered that it plays through Airplay.
So hardware good, and problem presumably to do with the DLNA, which is the mpd service?

I have made a Volumio for my friend. After a while the web user inface refused to work, I cant update the library and cant reboot. Also the sound on the board has gone, but the player still works, I can see the track continue?!

I took her pi home and here it works flawless!? What could be going on? I dont understand?