WebUI cosmetic BUG + DAC right settings

Hi to all,

Firstly (for Volumio developers) playing with the DAC settings to find the best tuning for my configuration, I’ve discovered that this cause a cosmetic, annoying bug where all tabs are renamed “COMMON.TAB_BROWSE”, “COMMON.TAB_PLAYBACK” etc. I’m using SAFARI 9.1.2. Is there a way to restore the correct tab localized strings without resetting the System?

However this happened while trying the best audio settings for my configuration:

Raspberry Pi2
DAC+ Pro
Volumio 0.976

If I select Hifiberry DAC and at the same time disable I2S DAC, I get a better sound quality? Please help me in understanding what I2S Dac function, thanks.


Did you set a other language than English?

Yeah! After the first Installation! But I’ve learned soon that I should not have…

So I flashed again my 8GB microsd card avoiding, this time, to change the interface language.

Let me explain better: the interface misconfiguration is caused when changing choices on the output device and the i2S DAC popup menus.

Maybe this could be due to the presence of Hifiberry DAC Pro card.

After the system reboot, nothing works anymore: I cannon anymore connect by WebUI or ssh.

The output audio configuration I would setup is:

Output device: Hifiberry DAC Plus
I2S DAC: Hifiberry DAC Plus


Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 20.17.25.jpgI have the same issue.

Raspberry P 3A
Marantz SR5006