Websocket API Issue

Hey, so I am attempting to implement the Websocket API using python’s socketio-client library. The following is a very basic program that should print “connect” on startup, then wait listen for an event via the web UI (next, pause, play, etc.), and then print out the pushState data.

1 from socketIO_client import SocketIO 2 3 4 def on_connect(): 5 print('connect') 6 7 def on_disconnect(): 8 print('disconnect') 9 10 def on_reconnect(): 11 print('reconnect') 12 13 def statusInfo(*args): 14 print(args) 15 16 socketIO = SocketIO('localhost', 3000) 17 socketIO.on('connect', on_connect) 18 socketIO.on('disconnect', on_disconnect) 19 socketIO.on('reconnect', on_reconnect) 20 21 socketIO.on('pushState', statusInfo) 22 socketIO.wait()

However, when the event occurs (for example I skip a song) I get multiple instances of the pushState data being printed out on my screen. How do I get a single output of pushState per event?