Webradio path to NAS

Hello there everywhere,

we recently introduced Volumio based on a Raspberry PI2 with a DAC+ to out network but more important to one of our Hifi Systems.
Due to being of such good quality and such easy handling we decided to buy some more for the other Hifi Sets.
Now my question is, can I place the Webradio playlists centrally on on of our NAS Systems?
How do I manage that?
I read how to place the general playlists there but I don’t know where the path to the webradio share is mentioned.

Thanks in advance.

Under /var/lib/mpd/music there is a subdirectory that holds your WebRadio files (called WEBRADIO).

(I assume that is what you mean by Webradio playlists?)

If you copy those to a directory on your NAS you can then replace that WEBRADIO subdirectory with a symbolic link to your NAS directory.