Webradio List: Display Title1 value instead of filename

Hi there,

  • many station names contain blanks (such as “NDR info”, “Radio Swiss Jazz” etc.)
  • in the Webradio listing that is called by Main - browse - webradio, the radio stations are shown with the file names listed.
  • mpd however doesn’t like names like “NDR\ info.pls” but NDRinfo.pls or NDR_info.pls

But such names also affect the station listing in the web frontend which looks techy and could be nicer.

I’d suggest to display the value in “title1” in the Song station listing instead of the filename of .pls files.
And to cut off the file extension .m3u in the radio listing as well, like the .pls extension.

And, of course, many thanks for all the development work so far. You make my day - almost daily.