Webradio 'current' display

Living in the third world, we are dependent on what we can find on webradio for our english-language content.

I have tried a bunch of stations, but keep coming back to the BBC - like comfort food :slight_smile: (and we’re both old as rocks…)

One thing I have noticed is that a lot of other stations have the track/programme name in the feed, so it shows on the web page of volumio.

The Beeb feed show something like “path: bbcmedia_radio2_mf_p?s=1430024385&e=1430038785&h=a5263279c811ebd2d429e0eebd89b371”

Is it possible to get the song/show/programme details from the feed and show it on the Volumio web page? (forgive the lack of suitable terminology - I’m a OS/server engineer, not a developer.)

I would also like to see this feature, here is some info on how to get it from a shoutcast server:


Here is some info about the icecast server, but it should be pretty similar to shoutcast when dealing with mp3 files.