Web UI: scroll bar position interference

I noticed that when browsing for Artists in the web UI, the scroll bar position in the Artists list and in the Artist detail view seem to interfere with each other.
Example: Say you scrolled all the way down to letter ‘G’ and then click on ‘Gorillaz’, the list of tracks will be scrolled down all the way to the bottom (instead of being at the top). If you don’t do anything and just hit the back button, scroll bar position in Artists list will still be at ‘G’. But if you scroll inside the detail view and then hit the back button, scroll bar position in Artists list will be somewhere on top (depending on where you left it in the detail view).
Experienced this on Chrome and Firefox, both on desktop and mobile version. To me this is counter intuitive and annoying, hence I consider it a bug.


Hi there,

I observe the same behavior.

When you select any artist from the artists collection, the subsequent list with the albums and tracks is scrolled somewhere to the bottom (typically in the tracks area). When you go back using the “left arrow” button, you return to the artists list but it is now somewhere near the top in the “A” or “B” region (I have a large database with about 800 artists).
Other than the thread opener, my artist list is never returning to the original position even if I do not use scroll in the albums/tracks list (it’s only a little off for the artists at the beginning of the alphabet though).

I think this worked better in previous versions of Volumio and since it is quite annoying, when you scroll through the artists making a playlist, I also would be very happy, if this can be fixed.

Beside such small things, Volumio is a great program! Keep up the good work!

Best regards,