Web Radio List Missing Countries & Stations

My dad wants to listen to BBC Radio3, over internet, plugged in to an amp.
I thought this would be ideal, as I have just recently set up volumio myself.
I have under web radio, by country, a list of 7 continents, and under Europe, 50 odd countries, and under UK National networks, BBC, a list of all the stations. And they work

So I got him a Pi with all the parts required, however on his setup, there are only 4 continents, and under Europe, only 4 counties, and under BBC, 4 folders, with no stations

so, erm, what? is going on?

By the way, we are both in the UK

Any ideas here? I am really keen to get this up and running, and don’t understand why the continents/countries/stations lists are different for two identical installations!

Have you looked under Volumio Selection? I’ve just checked my x86 and Tinkerboard versions and the BBC stations are listed there.

Yes, thanks, they are there. I guess that solves the immediate issue, but still odd that there’s a different list.

BTW: it’s playing at 128, I thought BBC had a higher quality stream?

I started to enter the stations I want to hear manualy. It is a little less comfortable but reliable :slight_smile:

Thanks! I am still trying to figure out where to find a higher quality stream, I was pretty sure BBC were doing higher than 128 bit rate streams somewhere…

The BBC are still broadcasting some higher bitrate programmes for UK consumption (have a look here), but they aren’t handled properly by Volumio (can’t stop the stream & still only at 128kbps rather than 320kbps), or are not handled at all (mpeg-dash). I think the latter would need addressing by mpd upstream.

Thanks for that list link, very useful. Both the worldwide links for R3 work for me on Volumio, so I am guessing the higher bit rate ones will also work in the UK.