Volumio3 Experimental UI Feedback Thread

I’m using the experimental version on my Allo Sparky/Piano 2.1 Dac and so far no issues, Spotify Connect has been playing for the last 2.5hrs without issue.

FF/REW works perfectly. ( Android smartphone in portrait mode uses a horizontal bar )

Skipping tracks fine too.

Hello Michelangelo,
I experiment the new GUI, it is powerful in many resolution but in a LCD 800x480 it would be better if the album image were bigger.
Thank you for this wonderful software!
I tried to upload a screenshot but it doesn’t work

Hi Guys,
let me introduce myself, I’m Jackie, I’m the developer who brought on the Volumio 3 UI Theme with the team and Michelangelo, and I’m very happy to discuss with you your feedback and opinions to improve Volumio as best as possible! :smiley:

Sorry for the late responses but has been quite a busy time.

First of all, thanks to you all for all your partecipation and the share of your thoughts on Volumio, now I’m trying to get the point on and discuss your latest impressions.

Missing scroll bar behaviour

This actually has been an issue that has been resolved early in the first days after the release, and it’s already working correctly right now. Please upgrade to latest version.

Track actions partial overlay

Thanks for your reports, this is being taken care and I’ll advise when solved.

Design preferences about previous theme

About all your preferences expressed about some design element placements on the screen differences, Michelangelo, me and the team are working on some possible solutions, I forward you to him for more information about the outlook of this idea and we’ll let you know once something ready.

Power Button in main menu

This is has been asked a couple of times, but has not actually been scheduled in any roadmap.


Solved by enabling it correctly.

That’s look like a browser incompatibility issue. Can you please provide TV model, browser version and screen resolution for further investigations? Thanks.

Already modified the mobile player view with new little design improvements!


For this questions, I suggest you to open specific post in the appropriate forum section :slight_smile:

So it is great to hear you opinion, and really a thank you to all for all the compliments and support, it’s a pleasure to work in the way of producing a great solution for a lot of you :smiley:

I’ll let you know as soon as we’ll distribute new updated.


Hi !

I’ve switched to the volumio3 UI.
I use volumio mainly from my 5" smartphone’s browser.

Screenshot_2019-10-10_13-52-29 2.png
Screenshot_2019-10-10_13-52-05 2.png

For my use, on a 5" screen, this interface is less practical than the previous one. Too much space is used on the screen by the different icon bars when navigating in your library. The single bar of the UI2 with icons to navigate through the screens (library - reader - queue) was more intuitive to use. It was easy to switch from one tab to another. I think the playback bar is not necessary in the library tab.

On the other hand, when I navigate in my media library, I have several problems with the pop-up menu. Sometimes, the menu is not placed in the visible part of the screen as you can see on the next screenshot (forget the violet trash can icon, it’s firefox klar) and there is no icons, just text as “browser.play” or “browser.add_to_queue”.

Screenshot_2019-10-21_17-27-19 2.png

Now, in the playback tab, the space to write artist and album name is too short, too few characters available. Maybe one line for artist and one line for album. Why not use the side spaces to integrate icons like the volume icon, the favorite icon or the “add to a playlist” icon. The “three dots” icon is useless I think because it’s a repetition of features (random, repeat, favorites, add to a playlist) that are already on the playback tab.

I think a single bottom bar with playback/queue/library/multiroom/settings would be better. You can add a search icon in the top right corner of the library tab.

That’s my and only my feedback. Now I’m switching to the UI2 because for me it’s better.

Congratulations for your work.

Dear Antoine, thank you very much for your feedback. We are analyzing your suggestions with the UI team :wink:

With Volumio3 UI, there are two glitches when adding titles to from the file view to the playlist:

When selecting and thus going inside a directory with titles, the list is scrolled down to the bottom. I would expect to start at the top. This is nothing serious, scrolling back to the beginning normally is not a problem since there are seldom more than 30 titles within one directory.

But then, I go up one directory level to select another disk. Now, the list jumps to the very beginning again. This is highly unwelcome - I would expect it to return back to where I descended into the disk directory.

Let me give an example:
I want to select something from the “The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra”: 1 - overview.png

Tap on it and I am in the directory: 2 - within_directory, going back.png

Tap on the back-arrow key and I am up again in the directory, but almost at the beginning: 3 - at the start again.png

To select something from “The Sex Pistols” I have to scroll down all the way!

Since I am normally leafing through the directories and then adding one or two songs, this makes it very tedious to always scroll down where I just left off.

This happens on my smartphone as well as on my Windows PC.

Switching back to Volumio2 UI this behaviour disappears. The list is restored where I left it.
So I switched back to Volumio2 UI again, but it would be nice if the old behaviour was implemented in Volumio3 as well.

But honestly guys: Thanks for the excellent work!!!


I cannot switch different Volumio players from Volumio 3 GUI. When I select the icon in bottom right corner for “Audio Outputs and Zones”, nothing happens on iPhone and iPad (both using either Safari or dedicated iOS app), and also on Safari OSX.

I have no problems with Android app or Chrome on Windows 10 and OSX.



I’ve not do Many test with new interface but one thing goes wrong for me, the search. With Volumio 2 when I do a search in Qobuz the search is limited to Qobuz, same for internet radio or other but with the new interface when I’m doing a search even if I’m browsing a category, it search everywhere. That’s a problem for me, I prefere contextual search when I’m browsing a category I don’t want to search everywhere.

Thank you for developing Volumio I like it :slight_smile: .


I’ve forgot to mention that I’m using exclusively a smartphone to control Volumio. Mi9 latest update and Google Chrome.

Hi There,
I am not sure there is any advantage to the Version3 GUI. Repeating the buttons and the permanent menu on the side just eats up screen real estate without offering any additional functionality. The version 2 GUI is beautiful in its simplicity and additional menus or settings are only one click away which is precisely where they should be.
I’d love any version 3 to offer me the choice of the “traditional display” or the newer menus but don’t leave me stuck with both and the repeated controls on one screen.
My only issue with Version 2 is the volume slider on a phone or small tablet. It never responds reliably. Neither do the speaker icon buttons below the volume wheel. Pressing “up” or “down” volume works a few times then locks. This issue seems to happen on Google Chrome and Safari browsers no matter which device or screen orientation.
So for my 2 cents - Volumio2!

I’ve only been playing with Volumio for a week at the moment - my current audio setup uses another product. But the first thing that struck me was the elegance and ease of use of the UI. I agree with MattLum - I don’t see the advantage of the experimental UI, and it looks cluttered with no real advantages in functionality. I have Volumio 2.692 installed on a Pi Zero W, and it’s pretty much fantastic in so many ways - congratulations to the developers.


Could we have the left hand side menu slide in on a click on a tab … that would free up some clutter (as reported by some earlier users). I quite like the new look, but the really annoying thing is that I can no longer change volume by clicking on the big right hand top circular dial (I try and do this all the time despite using UI 3 for some time). There is a good argument for swapping the roles of these two screen items (control back to the big circle, and volume notification down to the bottom, and do we even need both?). Aesthetically, the simpler, the better in my view, but still being able to tunnel into settings etc. very easily via tabs is good.

Edit: I’m looking at the UI now, and both left and bottom bars look as though they should just be able to slide away to a tab.

i absolutely agree to chsims1’s point of view and suggestions.

BR Josef

Ah, I just had a few head scratching moments diving into ALSA and mixer configurations trying to understand why the volume wasn’t changing when I was clicking the circle!

I have used cocktail audio, nativ sound, other stand alone hi res player and so far I really enjoy Volumio over the past 2 years and all the new features coming out but there is something missing that would help people with large libraries.

Quick navigation to first letter of the artist, like how Plex app has, so you can scroll or click like S to find Styx etc. And can there be a feature to show the file type and bit rate like you see when your playing. In case you have mono version, flac, different bitrates.

Besides that I really enjoy the Volumio 3 interface.

I completely agree with you!

We tried to add index navigation by letter, so far no good… But we realize that its an important thing and we’ll try our best :wink:

i was thinking like floating div, using webkit with 14 buttons shrinking the width of the artist cell. 0-9 A-B etc, small text/graphic, then when hovered it enlarges.

For the additional information when you are in a album, adding file type, bitrate. Do a file scan and add information to the album track view.

Are you a FE developer? Do you know how it can be done?

On each track you can see what the bitrate and file type. I have different mastering of songs and you have to play one to see what quality is, and bounce around.