Volumio X86 TerraTec DMX 6Fire USB firmware

Volumio X86 TerraTec DMX 6Fire USB

Alsa firmware.
alsa-project.org/main/index … -usb-6fire

I plug in USB sound card TerraTec DMX 6Fire USB, and it is in the output device list. however can not play music.

can you repost in English?

We only support sound driver modules offered in the official kernel. There is no plan to support device-specific customization.

take a look at this link from ALSA project. This sound card is supported by ALSA. However not working in Volumio.



picture of sound card.

Yes, I’m aware of that and other Alsa projects.
But this is not part of the linux kernel sources published by kernel.org.
Integration this Alsa project would be device-specific customizing and as already mentioned, we do not support that and have no plans to start doing that either.