Volumio UI - Devlopment setup

Disclaimer – I have close to 0 experience with frontend dev.

I wanted to try my hand at building GitHub - volumio/Volumio2-UI: Volumio2 Web Based User Interface and man oh man that was an adventure!

The repo has quite a few (really!) outdated dependencies and build scripts that are quite fragile (see Outdated/Unused dev-dependencies · Issue #808 · volumio/Volumio2-UI · GitHub) - but in the end it does build.

Seeing that we have now 3 official UIs (Classic, Contemporary and Manifest) and a few unofficial ones from other community contributors, would be really nice to know a few things:

– will this repository get updated?
— or is it only going to contain bugfixes?
– does it then make sense for contributors to still work on this repo?