Volumio tunnel breaks down

Hi there,
need help with volumio on raspberry as the tunnel breaks down every time after a few tracks.
In the app it looks like the track is still playing but when skipping to another track the app is on hold.
I did a debug and can say it happened at 11:46 the last time.
Sure I’m using the actual version of the app.
What helps is rebooting the app or taking off mains cable of the raspberry for some seconds.
What’s the problem and how can I fix it?
Cheers, Michael!

I have set up volumio on a new SD card this morning but the problem persists.

Do you see the same behaviour when used in a browser, preferably connected to your router with ethernet?

Yes, it’s the same thing.

@volumio could you please help. This is annoying.

Thanks for reporting, we are having a look.
Yes, it seems that your tunnel is restarting every few minutes.

Did it always do like that or is something new? Did you add something on your side like a firewall or something like that?

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thanks for getting back. This is kind of new and started some weeks ago when it wasn’t that dramatic. I fixed it once a day and it was fine. But those restarting issues became more and more. By now usually one track can be played and that’s it.

Nothing like a firewall was added in the meantime. Just using Google play protect.

Fixed the problem by declaring volumio as priority within my router. @volumio thanks for your help!

Ah, so probably your Router’s QOS was disabling the tunnel. Thanks for the hint, we’ll see if this is something we can configure automatically, maybe via UPNP

Hi @volumio
I am afraid my workaround-success didn’t last long. Today the same problem appears again.
What can I do?

We are checking on our servers, sorry, solution will come soon.
When time is come, all you have to do is reboot

We increased by a whole lot server capacity, adding a bunch of new servers.

Situation should be back to normal. Can you let us know?

There will be also an update in the coming days to further improve it.

Hi there, for the moment everything is fine but I’m back for version 2.9 and all I have to do is log in to volumio from time to time (every second day). Seems I should dare to get back to version 3. BTW as I didn’t do a direct comparison. Will version 3 be better in terms of SQ too? I just realized it’s faster and has a better usability.

Some report yes, some report no. That’s very subjective.
I definetely suggest to upgrade to V3… I personally can’t come back to 2 now that Manifest UI is there…