Volumio stops playing


Searched the posts but can not find a solution yet

I have a RPI3 with a hifiberry DAC, Installed the latest Volumio image
Mostly I use Tidal for playing my songs.
But it stops playing after a few songs, No sound but according to the web interface the song is still playing, I can even skip to the next song but no sound
A reboot helps but after a few number there is silence again, really frustrated about this

Bought Virtuoso but I is no use to me right now, :unamused:

any help would be welcome

Not a lot of reply’s or help here

I have the same problem with Tidal. It happens during play and change radio stations as well.
I tested it on new fresh system installations. No change.
Raspberry Pi 4 with IQaudio DAC Pro but the same is with USB Extermat SMLS DAC. Volumio last 2.873 ( 19.feb. 2021)
Is’s problem with VOLUMIO.
For me is’s disqualification. I will NOT pay after free test period of volumino.