Volumio skip more than one Song


Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.799 - 2.853
Hardware: Raspi Pi 4 / 4GB
DAC: Audioquest Dragonfly 1.2

Debug Log

Steps to Reproduce

Well problem is, that Volumio skip more than one Song and if i go backwards there come a complete different Song. In most Players you can go back, if you click to much. And i made a test, i had 25 Songs in my Playlist, if one Song over, it comes the next one, but after 5-6 Songs is the List over. Even if i due off the shuttle mode and the list should from 1 to end, Volumio skip songs and the list is after 5-6 songs over.

Additional Information

I test without the Dragonfly and fresh install. I tested the following versions: 2.779, 2.799, 2.834, 2.852, 2.853. I use a NAS, but also i tested with internal space, with and without Dragonfly.