Volumio-RPI Streamer-DAC

Hi Guys!I

I finished my Streamer-Dac.
I would like to introduce this.

PCM1794A DAC Board 192Khz/24bit
Allo Kali Reclocker Board
4.3" DSI Display
Linear power supplies
IR remote control
PeppyMeter screensaver

Transformers are individually manufactured.
Transformer for DAC Board: 230V AC/2x15V AC, and 1x9V AC
Transformer for RPI: 230V AC/1X9V AC/4A

In Volumio Setup:
The I2S DAC model: HifiBerry DAC
The Audio Resampling: 192Khz/24bit

The price of all parts is approximately: 460 Euro

You can choose another DAC too.
Allo Kali Reclocker is compatible with many other DAC chips

(Pictures: Gimp, Electrical circuit: KiCad)

Thanks to the Volumio community!!

The PIC 12F675 microcontroller machine program code:


Copy the text to text editor, and save as the “.hex” extension. (For example: program.hex)
And with this file can you programming the PIC 12F675 Microcontroller.
(Programmers: PICKit3, PICKit4 or others)


it looks very nice, well done!


Very nice!! How did you cut the case?

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The back panel I cut out.
The front panel was made by a company.

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Really awesome, congratulations.


Can you run me through the DACs? What does the HiFiBerry and the PCM1794A boards do? I can’t quite figure out why you have two.

I would have thought you’d go straight from the Pi to the PCM1794A and then to audio out?

If you select “I2S DAC” in the “Audio output” setting, you must select the type of “DAC Model”.
Here “PCM1794 DAC” type is not included. Therefore, I chose the “HiFerry Dac” option in the setting. This is also appropriate for PCM1794 DAC.
But the “Generic I2S DAC” choice is also appropriate.

The I2S signal from RPI goes to Kali Reclocker. KALI Reclocker generates a MCLK signal for PCM1794 DAC.
The MCLK signal is required for PCM1794 DAC. MCLK signal, RPI does not give out.
The I2S signal from KALI Reclocker goes to PCM1794 DAC. From PCM1794 to the analog audio output.

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Ah that makes a lot more sense. Thanks!

Excellent work!

Thank you, Volumio is the best Music Linux Distro.

Awesome job!!! Congratulations for chase the excellence.


That looks like craftsmanship! Well done…
If only you could buy the casing with the correct layout :slight_smile: then I would consider trying this myself

The Aluminium Case:

PDF files for CNC-Leser cutting.
Back panel
Front panel

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