volumio-RPI kicks my squeezebox radio offline

Dear all,

sorry, maybe this is not directly a volumio focused question, but I observed some weird Wifi instability which seems to be linked to my volumio system:

I am having a simple wifi setup for all my devices (2 laptops, 2 Androids, a squeezebox radio) and an old RPI B connected through ethernet to the same router. I always had difficulties using volumio because the router became instabile when I had the pi connected. Especially the squeezebox radio which is in the same network had connectiong problems, but also the pi was unaccessible quite frequently. The problem did not appear when the pi was offline. So I got a new router and it just became so evident this time: volumio is powered up, I am listening to some webradio on my squeezebox and play around with the volumio WEBui on my Android phone, start a song, bam, the squeezebox stumbles. Pi starts singing, squeezebox recovers goes on playing, stops again, plays again. I change the song on the pi, bam, squeezebox is offline. Restart the squeezebox, don’t get connected. Pi is fine, sings on. I am stopping the pi, shut down volumio, restart the squeezebox and everything is fine for the suqeezebox again.

Does anybody have any idea what’s going on there? It was not that I started another webradio on the pi but just a song from the USB-drive. So the traffic on the network was just the command from my Android phone to volumio to grab a song from its local storage and to play it. This can hardly be a problem. It just seems like these two do not get well along with each other in the same network. Any advise to accommodate my old radio with my old pi would be highly appreciated.
And please excuse my little noobness to Linux and software design in general.

Make sure you haven’t set the same IP for both your devices, that can give you strange problems. If you have ever set a static ip on your squeezebox and your Pi is now using the same this can be troublesome.

Do you use an app to control the Volumio? or just the webui?

Hi Mobey, thanks for the answer!
That should not cause the problem: i’ve given a fixed IP to the RPI which makes it easier to remember, but the IP is too high to get into troubles with the squeezebox which is assigned its IP freely. Usually the squeezebox is .102 or .103 while the RPI is fixed to .109 As I said, I typically don’t have more then five to six devices connected.

I am just using the web UI through firefox. because I very much like its design and the corresponding App was really unstable (lost the IP continously, didn’t scale right, missed elements of the UI etc.)

I would still be really glad for some good hint. Thanks a lot!