Volumio ReferenceOne Build

Hello Everyone,

Prior to this build, I created the VNASS 1.0 project located here.

I was never really satisfied with the enclosure, it was to thin and it did not look as high grade as I wanted it to be.

Fast-forward 8 months and I finally purchased the enclosure that I wanted to use for the final build. Also the screen the was in the original build would not work on the new enclosure so I purchased a different one.

Originally I was going to have the front of the enclosure laser cut for the new screen. But when I went to a couple of shops to get a quote, they wanted to charge me $650 to have it done! So I made a template and cut it out myself using a reciprocating saw. Of course free handing it, the cuts were not straight, but I tried my best. On the back of the unit my router got away from me a couple of times and you can see the marks in the metal.

This is not the finished, finished product. I think I might get a glass font or some type of trim to hide the uneven cute of the front screen cutout and figure out how I might be able to go about covering up the blemishes on the back. If anyone has any ideas, I would certainly appreciate hearing them.

If anyone is interested,

I purchased the enclosure from here:

I purchased the new screen from here:

Bad that the cover is one piece. You can get custom designed front panel from here. The design application will give you the final costs. I expect it will stay below 50 euro. (12"x3")

Thank you for the info, I will definitely check it out.

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Nice work
they really wanted 650 dollars that’s insane
I can make some too