Volumio Playlist with Tidal tracks

Hi all,

I’ve been using volumio for 6 months now.

I have a question of playlist containing tracks added into playlist from todal. I have no issues adding tidal tracks into playlist and playing them from volumio playlist. However, it stops playing after maybe 6-8 tracks where I will need to reboot device for it to be able to play again. I’m using the allo boss dac with volumio n primo. It is the same with both. Anyone encountered this before? Any feedback would be much appreciated.


We are about to release a new version of TIDAL which will fix your problem.

Thanks Michelangelo for quick updates!

Im not sure my problem is the same as i Add Tidal tracks into my play list in Volumio like the Old days of making your own mix tape of your favorite tracks… i have 30 tracks n it played 6-8 tracks n then stops… it appears to still be playing last Track but no sound even tho last track played til completion. Either a reboot or leaving it for hours… then i can play the play list again. Same integration issues?

I’ve tried making a 8 track playlist… same issue.

It would be great if you are addressing this issue as well in next release!