Volumio pauses during playback

Volumio pauses unexpectidly during playback after listening to a couple of songs. I should reboot system everytime in order to play a song again. Quite annoying. Any idea why?

Here is my set up
Cubox i4 connected to SSD (Samsung 850 EVO 128gb) with esata cable
SSD has its own power
Cubox is connected to Magnat Ma600 stereo amp (has internal Burr Brown DAC) with Supra USB cable
Cubox is also connected to router with ethernet cable

UI for pc/Auremo - ipad/Mpad

Cheers, Mehmet

Anyone to help or have an idea?

I reported a similar issue awhile back on the spop issue tracker. This is if you’re using spotify, at least. While it’s still not working for me there is a new proposed solution here:

github.com/Schnouki/spop/issues … t-88230824

I’m about to give it a try myself, so if I get anywhere I’ll report back.


Same here. Got my primo yesterday, it sounds nice but keeps on turning playback off and on while playing from USB. Very strange.
Software version (system) is 2.714