Volumio on Ubuntu ?


Is it possible to install volumio on ubuntu ?


Probably depends what you mean by Volumio? As it comes Volumio is a self-contained distribution, based on Raspian. So it doesn’t make much sense to say can you install another distribution on Ubuntu, which itself is a distribution. Volumio is a distribution, not an application.

If you just mean the Volumio Web-GUI, then that is a web-application based around PHP and Javascript, and so I’d assume so could be installed on Ubuntu (although it’s not something I’ve tried). However you’d need to install Music Player Daemon too, as the Volumio Web-GUI is essentially a front-end to MPD.

But you might lose whatever other optimisations Michangelo, the Volumio developer, has made in the Volumio distribution.

In fact, I just want to install the Volumio WebGUI and MPD on Ubuntu. Has anyone ever tried?

Hi it works.
Just follow these instructions


Furthermore i would recommend to implement Ubuntus realtime kernel.

Instructions for that can be found here (sorry in german, but google is your friend…):
forum.ubuntuusers.de/topic/realt … l-fuer-12/

I’d certainly recommend the link contained in the link mentioned in the post above typingoutloud.org/raspberry-pi-i … io-pibang/

It’s for the PiBang distribution, but I think it would probably work for Ubuntu too. It contains instructions for installing the Volumio Web-GUI and MPD (on a non-Raspian system).

Thank you @tyres2 ! The method in the link works with Ubuntu! Now I have another problem, my USB DAC works fine on Ubuntu but I have no sound with Volumio? Any idea?

thank you :slight_smile:

I just found “audio_output” in mpd.conf was misconfigured.
Thanks !

Cool! :slight_smile:

Hi, Is it still possible to install the volumio gui on ubuntu, the link with the previous solution is now dead.

Yes, I’d like to do the same install the Volumio Web UI on another distro, but I saw that the link was dead too. Did you find a way forward?

You can’t, Volumio is still a fully integrated player/os distribution based on Raspbian (PI) or Debian jessie, soon Raspbian/ Debian buster. It is not an application, it comes as a ready-to-use image.