Volumio on Raspberry : volumio inactive after some time

i mounted a Volumio on a raspberry 2.
Volumio is linked to my audio converter thru USB (Audio gd), the sound works great.
It is on my local network (ethernet cable), and upnp is activated.

It can play audio from my NAS (on the same network) or from Qobuz (thru Volumio or another app), with Volumio as a upnp media player.
I use sometimes BubbleUpnp as a remote control to play thru Volumio, or sometimes Volumio App (on mobile)
When starting Volumio, all is good.

But every time i have played some tracks or albums , and when i want to play music after not playing during some minutes, or hours, the system is blocked : if i launch playing with Volumio Application or BubbleUpnp, it makes nothing. Playing is not launched… It looks as the system was sleeping and does not want to wake up…
And i have to restart with hand (unplug the system then replug it) to get the player working again.

I don’t know if the problem cames from the rasp or Volumio, but i have tried with another Rasp (v3) and the problem is the same…

It is a shame because it makes the system hard to use…

Did anyone already had this problem ?



I have the same issue as you have…

I had a few Raspis from Model 1 to 3, i have some where i have connected the speakers with the audio Jack, i also use HifiBerry AMP, DAC or Digi+.
On all of my systems (even interchanged HifiBerry boards) i had issues.
If you leave it running, it runs for sometimes days, then for weeks. I also configured a reboot through cron every night… and sometimes they´re just “hanging” somewhere… you listen to music, if you want to change the internet radio station it´s acting like it would, but it doesn´t and you can´t hear any sound…

what a pity - otherwise this would be THE greatest software for me…
Slowly i´m thinking to try other systems…

have a nice day,

Yeah, same here - no sound after few hours of play. The only cude is to stop what you play and play again, which in my case is always any web radio.

Actually there is some activity on Volumio, cause I see that volumio.local/dev/ shows the counter seek constantly increasing.

{"status":"play","position":7,"title":"Johann Sebastian Bach - Prelude And Fugue in D-Dur_D BWV 532","artist":"Toksyna FM Classic","album":null,"albumart":"/albumart?cacheid=753&web=Toksyna%20FM%20Classic//medium","uri":"http://s01.toksyna.fm:8060/","trackType":"webradio","seek":186038,"duration":0,"samplerate":"","bitdepth":"","channels":2,"random":false,"repeat":false,"repeatSingle":false,"consume":true,"volume":45,"mute":false,"disableVolumeControl":false,"stream":true,"updatedb":false,"volatile":false,"service":"webradio"}