Volumio on Radxa Zero

Hello ,

I would be very much interested in helping get volumio working on a Radxa Zero . I have access to a 1GB zero board , and would like to replace the ras-pi zero I currently have , as it is struggling . My plan is to have it running over I2S link to a pcm5102 DAC , which the ras-pi is doing currently .

I guess since V3 is just about out , this would be the best candidate for porting . I would be grateful for a procedure on how V3 can be ported to a board like radxa zero . As a starting point there are currently 3 linux distros available for the zero , most promising i guess would be Armbian . I have the Armbian image running on my board . Happy to test and provide logs and printouts as well as have a shot at porting .

Much appreciate any help