Volumio on miniDSP vs Volumio 3

I have a miniDSP SHD Studio on which there is a “special” version of Volumio. It has Qobuz and Tidal + a few plugins and some webradio functionality!
As it happens I also have a premium account for Volumio 3! This is a different beast altogether! Having all the functionality available!
BUT…I cannot use this on my miniDSP! I am missing alot: Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Mixcloud and a bunch of webradio, and many, many plugins! This is only about letting miniDSP users update to v3!! We pay for it!!

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+1 on this. miniDSP is taking way too long to implement Volumio 3 and offer functionality like Tidal Connect. I know it’s probably all miniDSP’s fault but if there’s anything @volumio can do to rescue us that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Since miniDSP are using a Volumio OEM version it’s kind of hard to blame Volumio - if they have been provided with the updated software it’s then up to miniDSP to implement the update.