Volumio on first gen Raspberry Pi - no Web UI


Installed newest version on two different SD Cards (4GB and 32GB).

I am able to login with ssh, but loading up volumio.local is just stuck waiting there.

Any ideas what would be the reason? Where to look?

After a first boot you need to leave the device to sort out various tasks (say 10 minutes). You could check if it has finished by running ‘top’ from your ssh session, which shows the various processes running. You will probably see ‘node’ using large chunks of the cpu load initially.

If that doesn’t sort your problem, then try accessing the RPi via its actual IP address (you should be able to see this on your router, or try the ‘fing’ app on your mobile phone).

Thanks, I’ll try that. what’s the minimum SD card size I can use? Is 4gb too small?

4gb should be fine. Try to connect via the IP. Sometimes a router restart could be helpful maybe? I’m not sure how the Volumio.local service works?