Volumio not found TuneBlade , SWYH etc

I’ve installed TuneBlade and Stream What You Hear on a Windows 10 (21H1) laptop but neither of the apps find my Volumio.

I’ve tried restarting Volumio with the apps running (not both at the same time) but no luck.

The laptop and the Volumio are on the same network.

Any ideas ?

Hi hippygold42, and welcome to Volumio. :smiley:

The first uses ‘Airplay’, the second ‘UPnP/DNLA’ from my Googling … please include as much info as possible please in requests for help. Device, Volumio version also please.

Do you have these two sources enabled in your settings?

Hi, chsims1,

Thanks for the reply. UPnP is enabled but nothing for Airplay in Volumio settings so I’ll do some digging for that.

Volumio 2.917
Raspberry Pi 4 / Arm 4GB
Allo Boss DAC