Volumio Missing Artist and Album Artwork Present in Track Files

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.907
Hardware: rPI Zero W
DAC: USB Dragonfly Black, or USB CEntrance DACPort Slim

Greetings all,

I’d like to understand the album and artist artwork system a bit better. I’ve read the posts and doc here and around the web, and understand it works by seeking a folder.jpg (or various other names) file in the same directory as the track files or in the artist folder.

This works well for (e.g.) Qobuz FLAC downloads that come that way already (though with different file names). However, for Apple iTunes Music Library, the artwork is within the M4A files, AAC and ALAC track files. This is also true for MP3 files.

Without using a utility, it would be super nice if, after seeing no folder.jpg, it looked next at the first track in the album folder and extracted album art from there. Only then, finding nothing, would it continue to web art search.

A checkbox added to the Sources page, before Web Art setting, might enable this ability (not everyone will benefit from this).

I might extend this a bit further with the option to use album art (either single or a simply assembled mosaic of 2-4 album images) as the default artist image, absent either a folder.jpg in the artist folder or if the web artist art search fails.

Is there some reason why Volumio does not use the track file imagery? On iTunes tracks, they are 600x600px and run < 100K, so not very large, but perfectly adequate for Volumio use cases.

I’m aware of Bliss and other metadata tools that can scan and do what I’m suggesting here, offline. But it would be more plug-and-play for Volumio to do this directly as part of artwork cacheing.

Your comments welcome!


extracting from files will slow down volumio thats why it isn’t used.
and other images come from a db of last.fm i think.

Hmmm, extracting a 100K jpg from metadata is much faster than a web search and download. IMO, carefully implemented in the cache logic, this would be a tremendous improvement. And it could be switched off for those with carefully, offline curated imagery, though it shouldn’t even be a factor if folder images are already present.

– Miller

this is what i know maybe others know more about this.