Hello, I would like to know how works the magic of volumio.local
How find my pc the ip of volumio when i run “ping volumio.local”?
I want develop this.

I would do the same in my linux pc but do not know how to start.
Someone can guide me a bit?
Thank you!

If you own an android device you can install the fing app.
Search fing in app store this app show any device ip in your network.

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Sorry I did not explain well.
I am developing an embedded application, as it is volumio, and I wish I could find the ip from device (BEAGLEBONE), as does volumio through with volumio.local

You just install avahi and change the hostname as you wish…

You’ll find it @ hostname.local

please mind that this works if you have apple bonjour installed…

Thank, works fine!!


whenever i try to connect to volumio.local after installing zeroconf on my windows machine it runs fine.

However i cannot access it from my linux mahcine.

Apart from the server side of avahi, is there any easy way to use it as a client?