Volumio isn’t working

you can always try it, i hope that it gives you what you want :slight_smile:

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What you have experienced is not what happens with a straightforward setup on Volumio. The problem in trying to help you is that you repeatedly describe your frustration without actually saying how you set up your system.

For example, my main system is:
Pi4 2MB v1.4
Hifiberry DAC2
Official Pi4 psu and 7" display
Sandisk ultra 16gb
Volumio 3.198

Nothing fancy, works every time, powers up, finds wifi immediately.

Something in your setup is not ok and it’s not Volumio.

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I’m running a Raspberry Pi 4 with an Allo Signature One Hat using a Dual linear 5 volt power supply. It’s direct wired via ethernet to a Deco M9 Pod because the WiFi was giving me to much grief. I install Volumio with Pi imager. I’ve used Belena and Win32 but I like Pi the best. I’ll get it going initially and it will play all day. I setup, turn of wireless, then select the player. Which is the Signature. It doesn’t show up as an option until I turn on the I2S, then turn it off. When I go back into playback devices then the signature shows up. This requires a reboot. 50 percent of the time it doesn’t come back up. When it does it works fine. To shut off I select power off then turn off the power supply. When I power back up it’s gone. I can’t find it with a hard wired computer or an iPad. On the very odd occasion it does appear it won’t play music because the signature player option is gone. If I get that working then the music is choppy. I just tried Moode and it’s working flawlessly although Volumios interface and music options are far better.

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normal if you change from wifi to eth he has to switch over and gives you a other ip
i think after the reboot it switched to eth and you still try to get it on the wifi ip or not?
you could always use a static ip so you know what ip your using.

This is why I plugged into the Deco M9. To avoid the WiFi. Which was sketchy in that room to begin with.

Very much suspect that the problem is there. Any chance you could test in a room with decent wifi connection and just use the Pi’s inbuilt wifi?

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I imagine the wifi would be pretty good as the Pod is a foot away from it now. Are you saying wifi is better than the ethernet?

No, but a direct connection to your broadband router via wifi would be worth a test. At least it’s one more thing to eliminate. Other than that I’d look at the router config itself.

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I can give it a try and reload the card. Moode is working flawlessly. That tells me hardware wise things are good. At least I think so anyway. I can turn it off and back on a couple off within about 45 seconds and it plays from where I left off.

Not a router problem.
I have 3 routers on hand.
All 3 work perfectly.
I have 1 gigabit connection.
Connection download 1003 mbps upload 1000 .

Volumio is a great app, needs more work .
decided to use LUMIN app and mconnectHD.

I van use QOBUZ with any of the above apps,
Steam to pi or lumin to cxn streamer then optical out front cxn to my adi 2 dac fs. Or to mdac plus All bit perfect .

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I have now been using Volumio on a Raspberry pi 3b, with a very cheap PIFI SPIDF hat! Been running all day for nearly 2 months via wifi. I get drops, but that is my wifi, and is annoying because I have to start my radio stream again. Not Volumios fault!!
It started as a little project, to see if it would work OK. It does, and more!
I have a Brennan B2, which I have not used in that time, as the Pi does nearly all it did for a tenth the price and a lot less electricity. The sound is fantastic with flac files from a usb stick, and flac or 320kb radio!

So thanks very much to the volumio team for a great product!


Same here. I rolled back to v2.something.

forgot to say, I am running version 3.173