Volumio isn’t working

There seems to be something very wrong with volumio.
I have spent days trying to get the dam software to run smoothly,

  1. version 3 new update upnp av deactivated due to problems.
  2. Managed to install earlier version of vol… 3 upnp works.
  3. No matter which version I use. I get errors opening device, seems that it cannot fetch data quickly enough. Dreaded red box warnings.
    Sometimes it works then not.
    Qobuz loads categories very slowly, it fine from pc.

It’s definitely not my connection iam using 1 gigabit connection
Connection speed 999 mbps dload same for upload…

I have 3 pi 4s all same config. All have crap errors.

Anyone with any solutions??
The only way to use Qobuz is through volumio.
Iam on a free trial at moment. £6 amonth isn’t a lot but hey I would have thought it would work.
When it works. It works but hey I don’t intend to pay for something that’s broken.
The problem is definitely volumio.
Please fix it. I don’t intend to mess around with it another day.


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Volumio is absolutely brutal. Been having problems with it since day 1. Must have reformatted and loaded the card easily 200 times in the span of a month. It stops working, or the music stops, the signature one disappears, the app doesn’t find it or just loses it while it’s playing, the Spotify plugin stops working or it disappears all together, the WiFi doesn’t work etc…etc. I think I’m just going to sell the Pi. It’s not worth the headache. Zero stability.

I’ve been happily using older ver (2.x) of Volumio for years.

Version 3 is, however, very buggy.

Rather than sell your Pi, why don’t your try MoodeAudio, which is works really well and is completely free.

Good luck.

Can you provide more information on your configuration? Do you have some plugins installed?
What you guys report is not normal, we want to sort this.

Please provide info on:

  • What plugins you have installed
  • Which PI version
  • Whic DAC


So after using our hard work for years, and having enjoyed music with it, all you have to say is this?
Wow, I know that gratitude is not to be expected, but at least be elegant, man.

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I have been using Volumio since early 2020 because at that time I wanted to have:

  • a stable music streaming system
  • be able to play all my kind of files (wave, flac, mp3, DSD, mqa, etc.) from my NAS
  • better sounding compare to my Squeezebox that I was using at that time
  • be able to control the music via a smartphone/tablet/computer, similar to Squeezeboxk/LMS
  • not too hard to install and make it to work
  • reasonable price

I had been using a FREE version for over a year with joy and never had any problem(s). Until I found a PeppyMeter thread in the forum by 2aCD, I’ve never looked back. It works great from v2.xxx and now v3.198. I may be a lucky guy in this community that never had any problem, may be my requirements are so simple. I have subscribed to Virtuoso last year because I wanted to have Volumio plays Tidal, Spotify and Qobuz natively. I don’t even care about Tidal connect, etc. because I play them within Volumio. However, I haven’t upgraded my Virtuoso to the Premium tier yet because I have no need for the extras. The new UI looks much better than v2.xxx but it’s not necessary to me because I am happy with the PeppyMeter screen.

By the way, I did try Moode and PiCorePlayer before but they are not answer my need and frankly I didn’t like their UI. When Volumio serves my need, there is no reason for me to look further.

My system are:

Raspberry Pi 4 (2/4/8) - yes, I have all of them and they work!
Asus Tinker Board S - retired due to not compatible with PeppyMeter (wish it worked…)
Linear Power Supply - for RPi4
DAC - Topping D90mqa (with AK4499)
SD Card - Samsung 32GB EVO, Lexar 633x 32GB
NAS - Qnap TS-251+ (2 x 8TB)
Electronics - All Naim

Thanks Volumio!


Thanks @naimnatnod , this makes us really happy.

Usually, what makes most noise are the unhappy, but sometimes is good to hear also good feedbacks. In the end, what we do is meant to bring joy, and it’s a good sensation when that happens.


Apologies, I did not mean to offend.

@DarkMantle is clearly frustrated, as are many, it seems, with the latest versions of Volumio.

I’m just trying to point out, that there are other options.

Perhaps, I should have also said, something along the lines of “try/use [alternate] until the bugs are ironed out of Volumio 3.x”

I do appreciate all your hard work on Volumio.

Hi there.
Plugins . Just 1 pi screen.
I removed it , didn’t change anything
I have 4 micro cards all installed with volumio 3 up to date version I think 3 198 another slightly earlier.
Earlier vs petty stable. Except plugins vanish, then reappear.

Vs 3 recent version is ok with plugins but Qobuz stuttering slowwwwww to load.

I have noticed that plugin store not available you must log in.
I thought some plugins were free?

Anyway reverted back to version 2.
Random buffering issues ,and the red quare telling me cannot get bla bla ,… cannot get data timed out .
This can happen on any version.
Iam going to let my subscr… expire , and use something else.

Nice software , but too many bugs, to many hrs spent getting nowhere.
Maybe I will take another look in 6 months. Thanx for reply.

So today have done some experiments.

The only stable working version is version 2 last update
Upnp works perfectly. Absolutely no bugs whatsoever.

Version 3 latest version no upnp.random red warnings cannot get data, timing out.

Version 3 roll back , upnp partly working, but when connecting with other software ie mconnectHD then play to volumio Album loads. But plays one track and stops, also fails to find asset upnp on pi and synology.
So upnp still buggy.
At the moment vers… 3 is partly broken.
Version 2 working fine upnp bang on.
No red warnings. Which surprised me.

Decided to stick with v 2.
Almost forgot. V3 blocks me so I had to enable shh.

Too late now if you’ve reverted to Volumio 2, but for future reference, it would be really nice to get logs when people have problems. Problems can potentially be diagnosed by experience of common problems, but that’s just educated guessing. There is no substitute for actually seeing what your system is doing.

How to send system logs.

Preferable from a fresh reboot, with minimal steps to reproduce the problem :slight_smile:

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it’s something peculiar to your setup, i have 2 rpi with volumio 3. use themg both all day every day. i have reinstalled one time in 9 months.

it does work, so there’s something going on with your pi, your router, some rules services or another device causing issues.

it’s not normal.

From my experience Volumio 3 works very well. I have 3 Pi 3s running it and they have been rock solid. They stay on all the time, only getting reboots for system updates.

I still can’t believe I can’t turn Volumio off when not in use. I shouldn’t have to remove, reformat, and load in all the plugins and setup from scratch, software everytime I turn off a computer.

That’s not in Volumio. I have multiple Volumio systems and have never experienced this.

I have plenty of different volumio devices, Rpi,.x86, thinkerboard, odroid…And to power of,.I simply pull the plug from the wall, for years… Sometimes, I use “reboot” fromUI… And it rocks everyday :relaxed:

  1. There’s a shutdown menu item. Granted you need to cycle power to restart. I use an LPS with mine and that has a power switch on it.
  2. When mine reboots everything is as when I shutdown. If yours is losing config, plugins etc sounds like there’s a problem with your hardware.

It runs fine and I’m connected through ethernet. Once it shuts down it can’t be found again. After I reformat the card and reload it shows up and I’m able to access it through the IP address, set it back up and off it goes. I can access it with both Apple and Android with not issue. Again this is wired. The wifi is off. Then ill shutdown and that’s the end of it.

if you shutdown your pi,
just remove te power plug of the pi and insert it back again and your pi will boot again …
no need to format or rewrite of the image.

best regards,

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I did the shutdown then turned it off. It came back with no player. I had to go through the motion of turning on and off I2S so I could enable the Signature. Got that going and then the music was all choppy seperated by seconds in between the chopiness. I’m going to try moode. I give up. It’s been 2 straight months of this.