Volumio does not start when connected to powered USB hub

My Volumio does not start if I connect it to my powered USB hub, even if nothing is plugged in the hub. Is there any way to debug this, or will I need to buy an other hub?

My setup:
Raspberry Pi B+
Volumio 1.55
Amazon basic 7 port USB UB 3.0 hub: amazon.com/AmazonBasics-Port … B00E6GX4BG

I also have an iqaudio DAC+ plugged in.

Thanks in advance.


Have you tested that the RPi boots correctly when using a normal power supply? It might be an issue with the current that the hub can supply. I thought USB is normally ‘limited’ to 500mA, so it might be insufficient to drive your RPi with anything connected to it.

hmm can you try it with a other image (rasbpian for example)
maybe volumio or the pi cant handle Usb 3.0?

@ PatrickB: I still leave the pi powered by its usual power supply. I just plug the usb hub in one of the pi’s usb ports and try to start it. Should I remove the power supply when doing this?

@joda2: I’ll try that. But I thought that USB 3 was backward compatible with USB 2. That’s why I bought this hub, as I know the the raspberry pi does not, and will not, support USB 3

Ah, ok. I assumed that you were powering the Pi through the hub.

In that case the USB 3 hub offcourse is suspicious now. The fact that the RPi has an On-The-Go USB port and not a full Host-compliant USB bus might be the reason that it doesn’t respond well to your hub. Only way to find out is probably by connecting another USB 2 powered hub.

What happens if you don’t power the hub? And put a keyboard for example in the hub.


I tried fiddling with it, and it seems to work now. It seems to work when the pi is powered by some power sources, but not others. In particular I can’t use the hub to power the pi…