Volumio DAC with additional inputs

Hi everyone

I’m looking for a Volumio setup that offers additional analog inputs to connect other sources. Ideally those would be just analog pass-throughs, meaning it could just send the aux ins to the outputs (ideally switching through the volumio interface, or through a standard TV remote), without the signal passing through an ADC-DAC.

Is something like that possible, or am I asking for too much?

Reason for all that is that I plan to connect the streamer directly to some active studio monitors and get rid of the AV-receiver that takes care of the switching as of now.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

I think your going for a hard challenge with disappointing result. There are some cheap RCA input switches, which most likely will introduce noise with different sources attached or have some big crosstalk.
You can take a look at this one, and have the relays activated by GPIO (or just use the remote):

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Thanks for the reply.
Yes I’ve seen these kind of switches, but I’m not sure about the quality, given the price they cost.

you can always opt for a pre-amp, like PRO-JECT PRE BOX S2 ANALOGUE. But that comes with a 249 euro price tag. I have tried those cheap things and was like I mentioned before. Waste of money.
The better ones (all manual) starts around 80 Euro.
Like: https://www.amazon.nl/Dynavox-ingangs-uitbreidingsschakelaar-behuizing-cinch-ingangen-surround-versterker/dp/B008QOGH4K

In the end I got the PreBox S2 Analogue, it’s quite a nice box. Thanks for the suggestion.

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Pro-ject makes quality stuff and especially the S-Line is a big bang for your bucks. Thanks for your feedback.