Volumio crashes very often

Hi all,

I’ve been running Volumio for quite some time now and every now and than it stops working. Mostly the next day Volumio cannot find the server.
But sometimes during music playback.

Recently I have connected an Allo Shanti PSU. I had hoped this will help my case but nevertheless Volumio stopped working agin.
The only way to reboot is a hard reset with unplugging the PSU.

Do more people experience this or could my PI be unstable?


Hi, I have had a lot of problems with mpd service crashing. Mostly when listening to Tidal. My solution is to connect via SSH and restart mdp service with:

systemctl stop mpd systemctl start mpd
This usually takes like 1-2 minutes and then everything is working again. The latest version of Volumio seems to be less prone to crashing so upgrade if you haven’t done that.

Hi thank you Gorgias.

I thought I run the latest update (just updated last weekend) but there is even a newer version I see now.
What is SSH and how do I influence the startup screen?


The latest update (2.714) was made to rectify this issue :slight_smile:

Lets try that for a while.


7.14 crashed the same as 7.13

To make the change effective, please go to playback options and click save on the audio output section