Volumio boot error (x86)


I’m currently using Daphile but I want to try Volumio and I have some boot problems.

I’ve installed Volumio on a 8GB USB stick (usb flash drive) because my PC (Lenovo Q180) doesn’t support SD card boot. Volumio starts booting but then it stops with an error.

"findfs: unable to resolve ‘UUID=63d002ae-4956-422e-b71f-84385626ceeb’
"findfs: unable to resolve ‘UUID=C3ED-C91F’

and bellow that
“sh: can’t access tty; job control turned off”

I would really like to try Volumio so I hope we can resolve this problem. Daphile works like a charm on my PC.


Nobody? :frowning:

I’ve changed your original message title to include x86 … hopefully the appropriate experts will pick up your problem. It’s always good to include as much information as possible.

I never had this issue until I tried to boot Volumio in VMware ESXi. Tried the netcat trick to write the image to a VMDK with Knoppix, tried converting the img to multiple kinds of vmware vmdk, none worked.

My process uses the .img file directly without converting, but since it’s a fixed size, you also need to append an extra few GB of empty space onto the .img file, I did that with dd if=/dev/zero bs=2G count=1 >> volumio-2.878-2021-04-21-x86.img The final key to the puzzle was to use https://github.com/Zapotek/raw2vmdk/files/378758/raw2vmdk-master.zip (the release page has empty .zip and .tar.gz, found this link in issue #4) and create a VMDK descriptor that points to the .img file. Edit the resulting .vmdk in Notepad so the .img file name starts with "./volumio and not ".volumio then upload both to the volumio vm folder in the ESXi datastore, add that VMDK to the VM, boot it up until it gets an error and then reboot.

I’ve had issues with Volumio not working on the first boot many times in the past.