Volumio Bathroom Install


I am working out how to get some music into my bathroom to help drown out the roar for the exhaust fan.

I’d love to be able to do a touch screen or one of those magic mirrors. You could see the weather/news play music or stream Breakfast TV etc.

As we plan to remodel in a couple of years I’m not wanting to spend a lot right now.

My idea is to drive a couple of speakers from the Pi or via an amp.

I don’t want to have to take a smart phone into the bathroom though fear of dropping or getting it wet. I’d probably set up the playlist via a smartphone before going into the bathroom. But I’d like to be able to control volume, pause and skip tracks via some sort of water resistant/proof remote control.

I planned on placing the Pi in a central location so am thinking that a wifi or blue tooth remote would be best. Its about a 10m cable run to the bathroom so an IR extender may work as well?

As anyone done an install like this? Can any one suggest a type of remote control?

Love to hear your ideas or suggestions.




It shouldn’t be that hard to find the parts to build this configuration.
You can use the 2X25Watt HifiBerry AMP and connect a few ceiling or wall mounted speakers.
Then use an IR LED on the GPIO port of the Raspberry PI and with a water resistance RC, working on RC6 protocol you should be up and running.

just my 2 cents…