Volumio as car mediacenter

i see alot of cool projects going on here, so i wanted to share a few shots from my upcoming car mediacenter.

In the heart of it there is of course rpi running volumio, and to control it i’m integrating android tablet to the dash, which replaces headunit completely.

Once i consider i have implemented all the application core features at stable level, im going to release it on play store if someone is interested in it.

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Excellent! I used to be in the car audio business, and I judged competitions and did training and product support for Alpine and Nakamichi. I love to see innovative mobile installations.

Color me confused. You’ve dropped an rpi into your car? What’s the dongle hanging below the screen? Does that suggest having to dig into the dash to … well, I guess that’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? :slightly_smiling_face:

Pretty fascinating, but almost certainly not something I’d try.

“that dongle” hanging in there is me forgotting that the “hazard flasher(?)” Button was in the original headunit frame when i did fabricate the frame for tablet device. Will Be fixed when i get time to make another frame in there.

I have auto shutdown/start circuit for the rpi, so need to plug the cord out :slight_smile: the rpi is actually in the trunk with amplifiers, DSP and other stuff.

Awesome project… im also building my car audio sys with a rpi…
Maybe share a pic of the rpi with the amp and all?
Also some questions:
how R U powering the rpi ?
what kind of dac ?
How R U connecting your subwoffer?

Thanks and keep on the good job :cowboy_hat_face:


I will get you some pics later on today if i remember.

Pi is powered with the mausberry switch, but that is bit glitchy since it won’t also wait for complete shutdown of pi before killing power completely, so I’m propably going to invent the wheel again and build my own switching circuit, that’s is if i can’t get help from the mausberry to solve it out.

For the dac part, pi is connected to helix dsp.3 with either usb or optical(hifiberry digi+ pro), i still haven’t chosen which is best in the end.

For the front speakers i have chosen for the current time being gznt 22sq tweeters, gznt 80sq midranges and brax 6.5" midbass drivers, which are powered by gzua 6.200sq-plus amplifier, and subwoofers is gzuw 12" in vented enclosure powered by gz amp(can’t remember model) which is based on the brazilian sub amp designs.

So whats actually the difference between the “mausberry switch” and just using the “car ignition/ext antenna/acc” hooked up to a dc/dc converter, if the mausberry switch doesn’t wait for complete shutdown?
Let’s invent the wheel together and publish it as an open source project…

Also… That helix dsp.3 gizmo looks very cool though pretty expensive for my budget…
I went with the Allo piano 2.1 HAT hooking up the sub output to my ‘crunch’ monoblock amp and the full output directly to my seat ibiza factory radio through the aux input… Probably will upgrade to a second amp in the future…
As i know myself in audio tweaking this project will probably never end :joy:

Dont forget those pictures dude :wink:

Why not using a delay time relais to power up/down the pi. They cost between the 5 and 12 euro’s with a delay time adjustable between 2 and 120 seconds.
And use berryboot to move volumio to an USB thumb, so the SD card will never be corrupted.

So with usb drive there should be no corruption proplem even when the power is cut prematurely?

Why I want more sophisticated solution for the shutdown is that in the group i compete in with car audio, we do test for start up noises etc, the system will be powered off atleast one time during the judging, it would be shame if corruption happens at that time, and with some microcontroller based system i don’t need to have any additional delays, i can indicate the power of status at the very moment the pi is actually shutdown. Besides I love to tinker with electronics so i get to do things i like if/when im designing the circuit.

The big advantage with Volumio is that they leave the SD card at ease as much as possible. This already reduces the possible chance on corruption.
But just some history, the SD card was designed as a cheap storage device, mainly for big files, like pictures, audio,…
It was never built to act as a medium to host a file system. There is no controlling on the activity of the SD card. (With USB-thumbs/drives, HD and SD there is). The majority of corruption occurs during write processes. Power outage or voltage drops. If the writing gets interrupted on critical files a “dirty” bit is set. The OS has no clue how to deal with it on a reboot and causes errors.

I’ve been using USB thumbs/disk for a couple of years now and haven’t got any issues yet. Before that, with the SD card (used with domoticz) I got all kind of errors per week. Refusing to boot, programs failing etc.

There is a pricetag. When running Volumio form USB, it will no longer update the distro.,

Any media, whether spinning or static, that runs an OS, can corrupt if not shut down properly.