Volumio as a renderer for VLC

Background: I am looking for a particular solution for home music playing and I hope someone can help or explain! I have a range of devices at home, windows, linux, android and apple. I have spotify premium and also music stored on a NAS box.

So, I am looking for a solution that provides ONE network music ‘player/renderer’ that any device can use to play (a) spotify or (b) music from the NAS.

To play music from the NAS, the only ‘cross platform’ software I can find is VLC. Chromecast Audio does work with spotify and VLC on all devices - so this is a workable solution that meets all my objectives. However chromecast audio is obsolete.

Question: I have downloaded Volumio and this works really well with spotify on all devices. However VLC does not see Volumio as renderer (VLC>playback>renderer) but it does see the chromecast-audio. Does anyone know why this is and is there a solution?

I realise I can use a browser on any device to control Volumio and this does work well but I would like to understand why VLC does not see Volumio as a valid renderer. Volumio latest version, installed on an SD card in a samsung netbook for testing.

Thanks very much for any help/advice


Did you enable the DLNA renderer in Volumio settings?
When enabled Volumio is visible in VLC under “Playlist → Universal Plug’n Play” as VolumioDLNA.

Hi dheijl, thanks for your quick reply. In sources i don’t have the option of ‘DLNA renderer’ but it does have ‘DLNA browser’ which is ON and its marked green ACTIVE.

Is that the correct setting or is the DLNA renderer option somewhere else (I can’t find it)
Thanks very much

You need to install the “miniDLNA” plugin to enable this setting, sorry but I forgot to mention this…

Hi dheijl, thanks again for your quick reply. OK I found the plugin, thanks very much. Its enabled and now appears as a DLNA media server in Volumio.

But sadly VLC does not see it as a Renderer. Perhaps its just not going to work with VLC. I can use the browser interface on all devices and the Volumio app.

I will continue to experiment and will look at a small computer like a Pi or Tinkerboard because on my old netbook - the screen does not timeout to OFF so its on all the time.

Volumio looks good so far though. Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

VLC 4 is past due for release. IIRC that will have better support for DLNA renderers. The “Playlist” option that @dheijl mentioned is more for pushing Video to a TV that supports DLNA. Not really music oriented.

Mark Gosdin

That is not the way it works, Volumio can play from a DLNA server, but VLC wants to stream TO Volumio as an endpoint, that is not the same.

Hi, thanks everyone for your help. The browser based interface is really good and it works on everything… so why make it harder! :slight_smile:
I did find a nightly build of VLC 4 but it still did not detect Volumio (on windows).
Thanks again

Firewall a possible issue? If for music only: foobar2000 works very well with Volumio.

it won’t find Volumio, because of what I wrote.

Well both VLC and Foobar2000 play to Volumio here.

then they must be using airplay, there is not much else

No Airplay anywhere here, just plain UPNP/DLNA.