Volumio APP for Android beta


Recently we have released the new Volumio App as a beta in the app store with a brand new setup flow to easily connect your Volumio device to your network (wired and wireless) :heart_eyes:.

To get the beta you have to subscribe to be a beta tester in the app store.

Press the “Configure new device” button to start the setup flow and choose between a wired or a wireless connection. The wired option will look for new devices on the network using mdns, the wireless option will look for a Volumio hotspot and connect it to your own wifi network.

Use this thread to report issues and provide your feedback.


Great work! It seems much faster and more responsive than before :slightly_smiling_face:

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Great app! Very fast and responsive. Only thing I don’t like is that I have to select my one and only device each time. Is it possible to go straight to the interface for people with only 1 device? If that is the case I won’t use my browser anymore. Right now a shortcut to my IP-adress is working faster as I can skip the select screen.

Keep up the good work!

Edit: maybe it would be a nice addition if users could disable zones. And when disabled the zones shortcut in the right corner would not show up either.

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Technically it’s easy to do.
On a UX side, it’s really not.

Since we receive the device list in an async way, it’s not possible for us to go straight to the UI when the first device is found.
We need then to add a selector, but the selector must be in the landing screen, so if we enable going to first device directly, we then have no access to the landing screen anymore (hence we can’t disable it).
Unless you have some suggestions…

I can imagine. A few possibilities:

  • have a setting like: auto connect to x-device (= open default ip-adress). In that way if set to true the app itself selects the device.

  • setup screen: single zone (bypasses landing screen and always go to first, thus only device) or multiple zones

  • or a multi zone and a single zone app. But that would be harder to maintain I guess

Maybe it’s just me (if so, don’t bother, I will use the browser shortcut :slight_smile:), but i find it really annoying to select my device each time.

Start the app without wifi and it can’t connect automatically, so the selector screen can be shown.

Perhaps not the greatest solution, but i can’t see many other ways to do it, while keeping rest of the application untouched.

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Thanks, already had the app but registered for beta and has updated to 3.251( 31 Mar).

Already got RPi 4 plugged in via ethernet and phone app/wifi, not sure had to do anything. It’s created a volumio hotspot or something, is that correct.

Ps.any ways to connect to own library outside the house to listen?

BTW various artists albums are still coming up as each track as an album. Maybe I should do a factory reset, probably been fixed hopefully.

It would be useful to be able to display Wifi password when typing. Mine is complex, I made a typo and Primo never reconnect nor start hotspot… Wiring required

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Seem to run stable and familiar.
Running al my systems on wired network and they all are discovered without issues.
App seems more responsive than before, the only thing, but that is more related to the Manifest UI, the lack on possibility to make small adjustments. Like location/size cover and progress bar.