Volumio and TVHeadend

I have a TVheadend server so I can stream high quality radio channels off DVB-S/S2 satellite rather than listen to a crappy DAB radio.

TVH has a good API and it’s easy to generate a list of streams which you can then simply play using VLC or other streaming too. In fact, I wrote a tvh radio player app in python which makes this easy. I use a Pi3 with an iQaudio DAC+ as my “radio”.

However, I think it would make more sense to make use of Volumio and write a TVHeadend plugin.

Is there anyone out there who would like to do this and would consider teaming up?

my tvh_radio.py app is on github at GitHub - speculatrix/tvh_radio: A radio application written mainly for playing radio streams from TV Headend, but will also stream over services.
it’s quite hacky though.

This would probably also be a nice thing for all users with satellite receivers like the Dreamboxes, VU+ etc, running enigma, which have the option to stream radio channels as .ts streams.