Volumio and the RPi 7 inch touch display: my first effort

The eagerly awaited 7 inch Raspberry Pi display is out now. I tried to use the display with Volumio.
On a installation with Volumio the output goes to the HDMI port, not to this display. Even after a update & upgrade.

I tried Raspian with the Chromium browser. I connected to Volumio on another Raspberry Pi.

You see the web page is functional. But more work has to be done…

Nice, I see a lot of cool mediaplayers coming once this is implemented. Hopefully it will not affect the Volumio performance when using the web UI on the same machine.

That’s right, the performance of the web browser on a Raspberry B+ is not good.

My second attempt is with a python script and imagemagick.
When playing a new song the script compose a PNG picture with all the song information. And with nice album art.
Then this picture is put on the display. So, there is no interaction and no touch.

Tomorrow I will publish my script on the Rapsberry Pi forum.

Nice pots. Is it possible to create/emulate basic controls such as stop play and Browse with python ? My screen should be here next week and was my intention to use with Volumio ( or other MPD).

Basic controls like stop, play, next song are easy. Standard functions of python-mpd:

You can also browse your playlist.
But browsing through your files needs some more programming.